Using the community shop

+ I have woodworking experience. Do I still need to do the Certification?

Yes, Certification is required for anyone who wants to use the community shop.

+ What does the Certification cover?

You'll need to demonstrate an understanding of safety, operation and basic techniques on these machines: table saw, band saw, miter saw, planer, jointer, drill press, and various stationary sanders. Certification on the handheld routers and router table is optional.

+ How can I get “certified” to rent time on the lathes?

Take one of our lathe classes, either Lathe 101: Intro to Turning or Turning Bowls on the Lathe. You can rent time once you complete the class. Note: you'll need to bring your own set of lathe tools.

+ Can I work with reclaimed or salvage lumber at Makeville?

Yes, but only on a limited selection of tools. Reclaimed lumber may contain hidden nails, screws, staples, etc. These damage knives and blades, requiring replacement. See our Wood Cutting Guidelines for details.

+ Are there restrictions on using exotic woods?

Yes, depending on the type of wood and tools used. See ourWood Cutting Guidelines for details.

+ Other than my lumber, what should I bring with me?

Pencil, paper. Stuff for finishing such as rags, brushes, finish. Specialized router and drill bits (basic bits are available). We have eye and ear protection you can borrow but recommend you bring a respirator. We sell sandpaper (sheets and discs), glue, latex gloves, and tape as a convenience.

+ Is there a spray booth?

No. Spray finishes are prohibited due to lack of sufficient ventilation.

+ What equipment do you have?

We have a fully-equipped wood shop with all the typical machines (see detailed list here), basic hand tools (chsiels, hand planes, saws, spokeshaves, etc), sharpening equipment, plus clamps and a variety of jigs.

+ What finishes can I use in the shop?

Due to limited ventilation in our space, many organic solvent based finishes are prohibited (eg, lacquer, varnish, polyurethane in large amounts). Oils, shellac, oil-varnish blends (eg, danish oil), natural oil-wax formulas (eg, Osmo, Tried and True), and water-based finishes are no problem.

+ Can I leave materials and in-progress work at the studio?

Yes, as long as it can fit in your storage locker. Choose from three sizes of storage lockers or rack space you can rent by the month.

+ What if I need help on my project?

Shop monitors are on duty to assist with machine setup and maintenance and to answer questions about how to safely use our equipment. Private lessons to learn specific techniques/tools are available by appointment, as are design consultations.

+ How do I reserve studio time?

Once you're certified, you can use our online booking system to reserve and pay for studio time. Start by clicking "Members" in the top menu. You can choose either Workshop or Lathe studio time or purchase a 30-day discounted package. Minimum amount of time is one hour.

+ How much does studio time cost?

Studio time is $12/hr (discounted bulk packages also available) and includes access to all the tools and equipment you've been certified to use.

+ Does the shop get crowded?

We limit capacity to six people in the workshop and two people in the lathe room for any given hour. Typically, there are 3-5 people in the workshop and one in the lathe room.

+ Can I bring my own tools?

Yes, feel free to bring your own hand tools, portable power tools (eg, sander, router, domino, etc.) Note that all power sanders must be connected to a shop vac and we may or may not have an adapter that fits your tool.

+ Can I bring a helper or friend?

Yes, but they can't use any of the tools or work in the machine area. Helpers are limited to material handling and assembly in the bench area. Friends are welcome to hang out in the bench area while you work.

+ What is the studio time refund/cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a confirmed reservation, you can do so using the online booking system up to 8 hours in advance of the reservation time. You will be refunded fully in the form booking system credit so you can reschedule at your convenience. Fees paid for cancellations within 8hrs of the booked start time will be forfeit.

Taking Classes

+ How do I get on a wait list?

Fill out our wait list form specifying the class time and dates.

+ What is the refund/cancellation policy?

All the details about refunds, cancellations and other class policy questions can be found in our Class Policy.

+ What if I miss a class?

Because the classes build on work done the previous week, you'd need to make up the missed class before the next class meeting. Make-ups are subject to instructor availability and cost extra. See our Class Policy for full details.

+ How many students per class?

Classes have a max enrollment of 6 or less. See individual class descriptions for details.

+ Do I need to bring anything to class?

No, unless it's specified in the class description. In general, our classes include all materials, safety equipment, and tools.

+ I’m a total beginner, what class should I take?

We have a number of classes designed for beginners, so it just depends on your interests. For general machine woodworking and furniture making, we recommend "Intro to Woodworking". For lathe and wood turning, start with "Lathe 101: Intro to Turning". For specific tool skills, try "Table Saw Intensive" or "Routers 101". For hand tools skills, we have "Intro to Hand Tools" for beginners.

+ Can I make something different than the class project?

In some classes, there is room to customize the class project, but due to time constraints it is not possible for students to do substantially different projects.

+ Can I rent time in the community shop after taking a class?

Completion of a lathe class certifies you to rent time for the lathes. To use the workshop, everyone (regardless of experience or classes taken) must pass the Workshop Certification.

+ Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are professional craftspeople who are passionate about teaching. Get to know them here.

+ Do you have kids classes?

Sorry, no kids classes at this time.

+ Can a teenager take a class?

Our typical age cutoff is 15 yrs old for classes. This is mostly based on physical requirements (height and reach primarily) required on some of the tools. Equally important is the ability to maintain mental focus as we pack a lot of instruction into each 3-hr class.

+ Can I pay by check or cash instead of purchasing online with credit card?

Yes, feel free to come by the studio to pay in person and we'll register you.

+ Can I pay for a class in installments?

Yes, please call us to make arrangements. The full amount must be paid at ten days prior to the start of class.

+ Are private lessons available?

Yes, private instruction is available for one or two people at a time. We can create a lesson plan around a custom project or focus on specific skills and techniques. Contact us for more info.

Visiting Makeville

+ What’s parking like around the studio?

On weekdays until 6pm, it is very difficult to find parking due to commercial-only zones on our street (very aggressive ticketing and towing). After 6pm and on weekends it's not a problem. There are also a few parking garages nearby.

+ Is the neighborhood safe at night?

Yes, there's generally a lot of people around.

+ What’s the closest subway?

At 4th Ave and 9th St there are two stations, one for the F/G trains, the other for D/N/R/W trains. Check with MTA for schedule and service.

+ What are the hours of operation?

The community shop is typically open every day 10am-6pm. On Tues and Wed evenings we are open later, till 10pm. Check the studio calendar for exceptions.

+ Can I schedule a tour or drop by with questions?

Yes, feel free to come by for a visit during open studio hours. Just let us know ahead of time so we know to expect you.

Gift Certs

+ How do I purchase a gift cert for classes?

You can purchase a gift card for the classes on the Classes page.

+ How do I purchase a gift cert for studio time?

Gift certificates for community shop hours are available through the studio booking system.

+ Do gift certificates expire?


+ Can I transfer my gift certificate to someone else?


Everything else

+ Where can I buy lumber?

Close by:

  • Everwood - 7th St, right across from Makeville Mostly plywood, some dimensional lumber, sold in linear feet. Open until 1 on Saturdays.
  • Dykes Lumber- 6th St btwn 2nd & 3rd aves - 718-624-3350. Many species available, but expensive. Open until 1 on Saturdays.
  • Lowes - 9th St and 2nd Ave - 718-249-1151. S4S lumber in red oak, poplar and pine. Expensive but good option if you only need a small amount.
  • Home Depot - Hamilton Ave - 718-832-8553 - S4S lumber only. Expensive but good option if you only need a small amount.

Better lumber yards that are futher away:

  • Adriatic Wood - 1994 Pitkin Ave (East New York, Brooklyn) - 718-922-4621. Many species and sizes, competitive prices, delivery available (ask about minimum purchase req'd). Makeville orders all of class lumber from here.
  • Rosenzweig - 801 E. 135st St, Bronx - 718-585-8050.Many species available, decent pricing, novice-friendly, delivery available (ask about minimum purchase req'd).

+ Can I have lumber delivered?

Yes, but you must be here to receive delivery and bring it from the street up to the studio.

+ Is there a freight elevator?

There is a passenger elevator in the lobby which can fit 10'-11' boards or 4 sheets of 8x4 sheet good on the cart.

+ How long has Makeville been in business?

A while! Makeville opened in 2008.