Solution: Built to last!

Are you bothered by the excess and disposability that seems built into everything we buy these days? How about mountains of unrecyclable pressboard furniture sitting in landfills? Yikes! Using salvaged and recycled materials helps, but the real solution is hierloom quality furniture, made with sustainable materials, that you love so much you'd never consider putting it on the curb. And guess what? It's more affordable than you think.


studio workshop tools light spaceCollaborate with us.
Makeville custom is studio owner Robyn Mierzwa and a team of friendly, talented craftspeople who love what they do--designing and making wonderfully hand-crafted things for folks like you.

Your ideas, your style, your budget. We listen carefully and then bring your vision into reality with old-fashioned craftmanship, sustainable materials, and attention to details you maybe didn't even know mattered to you.

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Call Robyn at 917-873-5542 to start a conversation about your project. You can also email us at with your ideas, sketches, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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